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To announce the cultural mood while sleeping, the designer brings Japanese spirit in the bedroom. The rooms' highlights are custom designed wardrobe, a modern shoji, and a paper light, both designed by PK Design.

Snoji wardrobe

Nature Art Collection – this collection mixed two contrasting elements in a very harmonic way - Nature & Modern Art, expressing timeless elegance. Each detail is the result of individual design for the client.

The harmonious combination of simple, clear lines and mix of materials oak and glass spiced with details - modern art painting on the glass and the mineral knob imparts Art & Nature touch

Glass gabinet

A basic armchair with art and casual design, where the link between two elements leads to interaction, art for its colorful patchwork and casual for its cubic form as well for its unformal character. Forest is a "mix and match" for people with a rich imagination. Thanks to a variety of seasonal colors which bring nature to your space and invites relaxation.

Forest Armchair
Custom made table

The dining table contributes to the minimalist feel of the room, with its sand Quartz board with round corner and the limited thickness of the oak base accompanied by armchairs in organic shape mixed with cozy stool decorated with ethnic cushions support the nature flair.

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