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T h e R o o t s | Heritage  is future

The Roots lighting collection is expression of nature and simplicity, back to our roots - highlighting and re-inventing the heritage.

This light combines wool hand made felting textile and porcelain with modern lighting technologies. The felted wool is slipped over a white hexagonal, which provides industial touch.

Inside the porcelain tender lamp shade is embosed with marks from fingerprints, arranged with diamond bulb. It is hand pinched from many small balls of porcelain keeping all fingermarks on the surface. The light looks beautiful through the porcelain and this natural inspired lamp shade turned a flat piece of porcelain into a magnificent 3-D structure.

V i n t I n d | Vintage meets Industry

The VintInd Lighting collection recalls the Vintage, highlighting and re-inventing the heritage, mixed with industrial touch, which represents the urban life. The light will blend perfect in your urban, as well in your vintage interior. Playing with different fabrics and even materials, the handmade lace, linen and  flower paper were inspired by Provence, slipped over a steel construction (bell, floral, hexagonal), which provides industrial touch.

Show of paper inspired by the traditional japanese art origami, which is married with fabrics.

Sunrise | ceiling light  cubic shaped and inspired by Japan as sunrise country, this light introduces a combination of paper with oak geometry featuring pure simplicity and nature.

P a p o r i | Origami meets fabrics

Traditional form with new interpretation, following the design trend of copper, is proof how modern the classic is and complents the simplicity of a flea market in Tel Aviv.

F l e m | Jewish flea market floor lamp
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