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After years of globetrotting, a couple decide to live close to the nature, in the Alps, eco-friendly and at the same time cherishing their love to the tropical areas. "To us, our environment is a personal thing and we want to feel comfortable as well to relax and refuel" says the owner. Asked to create a variety of spaces that compliments their multifaceted lifestyle, and serve as a retreat, the designer developed an interior inspired by the natural surroundings. The secret for personalizing the interior and to set the culture tone is achieved through designing custom made furniture and accessories.

Even more, there is a challenging tradition & modernism, organic & synthetic materials, crafted by hand furniture and accessories & Design furniture, geometric & organic forms, alpine flair & tropical touch. To contribute for the natural look of the interior, the designer used a combination of wood and minerals with fabrics, such as silk and linen and compliment it with colors like brown and white with emerald, accent to bring warmth.

Natural minimalism with ethno accent

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