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Petya Kaneva is an Interior Designer, taking a very personal and individual approach to each project. Her flair, passion for creative design and Petya forte gives her design sense of unique, which do not have the stamp for overdoing, injecting tradition and contemporary approach with cleaned line and seamlessly mixing. Therefore the spaces demonstrate piece of art and YOUR HOME.

She favors handsome, crisp lines, use of color, new uses for traditional materials and the successful marriage of functionality and fine detailing. Spaces typically feature shapely and distinctive focal points such as colorful art glass collections, glamorous textile and objects with historical significance placed in new contexts and spaces designed around a single piece of art. Furthermore she is inspired by the nature and living green, although there is no conflict using the latest furniture trends from synthetic materials, bringing the outside in and combining the nature with furniture trends and warm mood.

Petya earned Master of Business Administration from the University of Dortmund and later graduated Interior Design at the Interior Design Institute  in London. She has come to detour to interior design: Prior to founding the interior design studio, Petya enjoyed the exciting international career in Finance for big companies, even in the fashion industry. Nevertheless she has looked for her passion. Always dynamic, she continues to work on residential and commercial projects worldwide and launched a tableware and lighting collection that transforms traditional motifs for contemporary audience.

About Petya Kaneva

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